Personal Coaching is an effective short term intervention to assist individuals and organizations in reaching self-determined goals. Individuals seeking to improve work satisfaction, prepare for a career change or improve productivity can benefit from this service. Employee groups facing changes in the work place can develop a plan to be followed and set timelines for implementation. “Bread Time Stories and More” will provide guidance, motivation and structure for change. Participants will develop their own personal “Bread Time Story.” Expected outcome for individuals can be personal enrichment and job advancement. Groups can transition to new roles and responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.

Individual fee is $200 per month and includes 4 hours of in-person contact, 2 hours of email and phone contact and a written summation. Initial session is free.

Group fee (up to 6 participants) is $200 per participant per month and includes 2 hours of individual contact, survey of goals and needs, 4 hours of group contact, 2 hours of email and phone contact per person, and a written summation. Initial planning session is free.

Activities are personalized to meet individual and group goals Commitment to effort is essential for success Training proposal provided with contract “Bread Time Stories and More” provided to each participant

Contact Chet for further information and discussion.