Personal lessons are provided on-site to small groups, up to 6 people. Chet “The Bread Man” brings everything needed to prepare 2 loaves of bread per person. You provide the work area, oven and Chet leads the activity. There will be plenty of fun for all in a party atmosphere. Bread Time Stories are shared. Activity makes a great gift or a party theme. Refreshments and other accompaniments provided by host.

$65 charge covers the lesson, materials and supplies
Each person leaves with 2 loaves of bread
Event is pre-planned to meet interest of group
Activity takes a minimum of 2 hours
“Bread Time Stories and More” available for sale

*Gift basket filled with everything you need to make bread, includes: cookbook, flour, yeast, bread pans, measuring cups, mixing bowl and more. Includes one private lesson. Makes a great gift for a special person. Cost $95