Bread Time Stories and More is a project initiated by Chet Fery, an amateur bread baker, showing how random acts of kindness can change our lives and create a world community that is caring, supportive and secure. Chet Fery has given away over 10,000 loaves of bread to family, friends, colleagues and strangers.  Through this effort he has created hundreds of stories that will touch your heart and stimulate your soul. Each Bread Time Story will inspire, instruct, motivate and also take you much further. 

Each story is accompanied by a bread recipe that will make 2 loaves of bread, one for the baker and one to share with a relative, friend, colleague or stranger. 

In addition to the stories and recipes, you will see how Bread Time Stories and More can impact your life by:
   -Providing helpful bread baking hints
   -Stressing the importance of developing and sharing your talents with others
   -Encouraging you to create your own Bread Time Stories
   -Demonstrating how these inspirational stories can change your life

The Bread Time Stories and More project offers:
   -Community presentation on the benefits of doing random acts of kindness
   -Personal bread making lessons
   -Staff training activities on creating a positive and caring work environment that will boost staff morale, improve staff
          productivity, create staff loyalty and improve work efficiency
   -Personal Coaching Services and Life Enrichment Planning
   -Employment services to fill short term staffing needs with staff trained in the Bread Time Stories and More philosophy.

Thank you in advance for exploring the Bread Time Stories and More website.  Take a few minutes to learn why this project is so important. Read the stories and try the bread recipes. 

Let’s change the world one loaf of bread at a time, one random act of kindness at a time.

Do you have a bread time story of your own or a recipe to share?  Send it along via the website. 

Send your comments, suggestions and any questions to Contact Chet via the website.

Thanks in advance for exploring our website.